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We are an international trade, marketing and consultancy company is open to change, innovative, and serving at high quality standards that continues its activities in Turkey.

    With its 12 years of domestic and international sales, marketing, consultancy knowledge and experience, we understand customer needs, requests and expectations correctly and also we meet or even exceeds these needs, requests and expectations properly, reliably, quickly and effectively Gives us a call and you’ll find out “We Supply you” quickly and cost effectively


    Our mission is to make it easy to do business with Turkey and to create perfect matches on the trusted marketplaces for importers with Turkish suppliers. At WeSupplYou we bring together million dollar foreign buying leads, importers with export oriented companies in Turkey in different way from known B2B marketplaces.

    One-Stop Sourcing WeSupplyou brings buyers, importers together with Turkey markets in a safe, fast and profitable way and also hundreds of thousands of suppliers in over 5 different major categories, including textile, cosmetic, machinery ,furnitures and Agricultural,food

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We serve with our vast network of suppliers to foreign companies want to supply any product from any sector in Turkey. While we do this, we help importers by finding the right, reliability suppliers, right product, right price and providing that all these processes are fast and effective.For this, you only need to inform us about the products you requested, their features, the prices you target.

We are different from B2B Marketplace, because everyone can be member of these places and you can face fraud, cheat and unwanted occasions. At WeSupplYou, we are the quarantee for you

1-If you want, we can buy products you demand from suppliers and sell them to you.
2-We can just introduce you to our reliable suppliers we have contract with them, you can buy products directly from them,

We aim to build the future infrastructure of commerce. We envision that our customers will meet, work and live at WeSupplYou. We do not pursue size or power; we aspire to be a good company that will last for long time.

5,5 % + Avarage annual real GDP growth rate

Avarage annual real GDP growth rate

13th + Largest economy in the world

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804 k + More than Uversity graduates

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82 million + Billion of GDP at curren prices

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You can't use up creativity.

Our expertise is to build an efficient and consistent business path for international companies that wish to start operating in Turkey to safely and successfully establish a local presence. We are able to assist these companies throughout their entire arrival process, from the market analysis to their installation and go-to-market strategy, pretty much acting as its local interface, a local subsidiary (local branch), if you will. We have an exceptional knowledge of the entire industry framework, in-depth experience of government relations, legal and financial areas, as well as expertise with the multiple production and distribution aspects, such as import policies and the local channel ecosystem. We build solid partnerships with our clients so that their objectives for the Turkey market can be reached in a fast and efficient way, offering all the counseling needed and accelerating the complex corporate formalities that are so particular of our system.



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Property Consultancy

Are you looking to buy a property in Turkey for housing or investment purposes? Wesupplyou are here to help you to make the right buying, selling and investment decision.

    Our mission Conditions of the Turkish real estate market have recently led to a rise in performance and a decrease in risk. These conditions have resulted in increased demand for investment in Turkey in general. Therefore, the most important point that an investor should focus on while investing in the ever-growing Turkish real estate market is the accuracy of choice, as immovable funds (real estate) like other movable funds needs to be professionally managed to maintain the value and generate greater financial profit.

   Wesupplyou gives you all the information you need before buying a property in Turkey, and answers all your questions and concerns regarding the purchase of residential or commercial property, buying houses, land, leasing, property law, leases, all consultancy services, investing in Turkey.


    One of wesupplyou services is the real estate consultancy service, by informing investors about the Turkish real estate sector, where we evaluate what the investor wants to achieve through his investment, and creating an appropriate strategy in light of this.

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Why Turkey ?



Turkey enjoys a very solid economic infrastructure that has proven its solidity through many crisis. Investment in the Turkish Market has never been as attractive as it is today! Turkey is known for its hospitality and geopolitical location, which has made it an important center for attracting local and foreign investors in various sectors, especially the tourism sector and the real estate sector, which has attracted great interest from investors. The beauty of its nature, Asia and Europe, with a high percentage of the youth population, was one of the main reasons that led investors to prefer Turkey to invest, especially the values that characterize Turkey, which made it the focus of interest of foreign investors in general, and turned it into a country open to investors and foreign capital.

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The world's 13th economy, and the EU's sixth largest economy for 2018( PPP GDP, IMF - World Economic Outlook).

fastest growing economies

• A promising economy that has a bright future. It is expected to become one of the fastest growing economies among the OECD members between 2018 and 2019, with an annual average real GDP growth of 5.0%.


An economy based on institutions, with foreign direct investment (CBRT) reaching $ 193 billion in the last 15 years.


How we growth our business.

  Turkey and the EU have developed a strong economic relationship even if Turkey is not yet an EU member, but it signed a Customs Union agreement with the European Union in order to encourage trade and economic relationships. In recent years, the EU has ranked 1st at the top of Turkey’s imports and exports, while Turkey is the 7th in the EU top imports and 5th for exports. Turkey exported in EU many categories of goods, such as equipment for transport, textiles, agricultural products, cars, etc. and imported chemical products, machinery, and transport materials. The Customs Union agreement has encouraged the trade between the two entities because it stipulates free circulation of goods. The products having an ATR certificate and being delivered to Turkey have preferential treatment. The Customs Union refers to industrial goods and not agricultural products, except the processed agricultural ones, services, and public procurement. The trading sector is one of the largest contributors to the Turkish economy, therefore starting a trading business in this country is very appealing to foreign entrepreneurs. .

Turkey's export-import coverage ratio rose to 86.8% this January-November, up from 75.6% in the same period last year.
"Exports in November totaled $16.2 billion, the fourth-highest monthly export figure in 11 months,"
November the foreign trade deficit fell 51.84% to $25.1 billion.
"In November, imports rose 11.44% to $18.1 billion compared to the same month last year,"

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Turkey’s Top Trading Partners

Below is a list showcasing 15 of Turkey’s top trading partners in terms of export sales. These are countries that imported the most Turkish shipments by dollar value during 2018. Also shown is each import country’s percentage of total Turkish exports.

15.8US $ Billion + Germany

(9% of total Turkish exports)

11.1$ Billion + United Kingdom


9.4$ Billion 5.4% + Italy
7.3$ Billion 5.2% + Iraq
8.2$ Billion 5.4% + United States
7.2$ Billion 4.5% + France
7.7$ Billion 4.5% + Spain
4.6$ Billion 3.2% + Netherlands
4.4$ Billion 2.5% + Israel
3.9$ Billion 2.3% + Russia
3.9$ Billion 2.2% + Romania
3.5$ Billion 2.1% + United Arab Emirates
3.3$ Billion 1.9% + Egypt
3.3$ Billion 1.9% + Poland
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